Cadet Passes FAA Test

On March 16, 2019, Willie Composite Squadron cadet member Cadet Major Jacob Kottraba passed the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test, which provides him the opportunity to begin flight training towards his license.

The test covers such topics as:

• Flight Instruments and Navigation
• Aerodynamics and Aircraft Performance
• Flight Instruments and Navigation
• Weather Theory and Weather Services
• Federal Aviation Administration Regulations
• Flight Planning
• Airport Operations and Air Traffic Control

To be eligible to take this test a person must be 15-years-old or older and have a certificate of graduation from a private pilot ground school signed by a FAA-certified flight instructor.

Members of Arizona Wing are fortunate to have a ground school, available to all interested members, within the wing. Headed by Capt Kevin Rattey, the Eloy Composite Squadron hosted a ground school during the fourth quarter of 2018. Cadet Kottraba was among the group of the first graduating class of the school this past December.

Cadet Kottraba, who is a sophomore at Lincoln Preparatory Academy, is planning to earn his private pilot license as part of his overall goal of earning an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy when he graduates high school in 2021. He also serves in CAP as Cadet Mission Support Officer and as a GTM2 on the Arizona Wing Search and Rescue Ground Team.

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