Cadet Completes Private Pilot Ground School

One of the biggest steps in getting a private pilot license is passing the FAA written exam. To prepare for this test student pilots typically study at a private pilot ground school at a variety of in-person or online schools.

Beginning in October of this year, and lasting through the beginning of December, the Eloy Composite Squadron hosted a private pilot ground school taught by squadron commander Capt Kevin Rattey. The class teaches such concepts as:

• Aerodynamics
• Flight instruments and communications
• Section charts and nighttime and cross-country flying
• Maneuvers and landing skills
• Practicing for the FAA written exam

Willie Composite Squadron cadet C/Capt Jacob Kottraba was among the graduates of this class. Jacob is planning to take the FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test and begin flight hours next year. To further his preparation in an Air Force aviation career, Jacob is also planning the attend the Powered Flight Academy in Nacogdoches, TX this summer.

Eloy Composite Squadron is planning to hold this class again in 2019 and have it available at no charge to any interested member of Civil Air Patrol. Check with Capt Rattey for more information.

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